Todd Sloane is a visual artist who cannot be pigeonholed into any one specific creative discipline.
His sculptural concepts are visions of a future that have been altered from a bygone era.

Todd was born 1961 in Alberta Canada and studied advertising and graphic design in Calgary.

In 1991 he opened Tag Advertising. A full service advertising agency that has had many success stories over a 25 year period.
His creative branding style has attracted the attention of several regional, national and international clients.

Todd has always had a passion for the Science Fiction Genre … as a child, faithfully watching every saturday afternoon scifi matinee movie on his parent's 3 channel, 24" screen TV, collecting all the SciFi comic books he could get his hands on and amassing an impressive collection of 50s and 60s tin toy robots and space vehicles.

Started to sculpt his own scifi vision of the future in 2013, Todd is creating a fluent body of work that not only transports us into a realm in the future, it leaves us with nostalgic thoughts of past human endeavours. His pieces are the result of the assemble of vintage technology from the 20's to the 70's. Using knobs, gears, wires, vacuum tubes and gauges from everything from radios, TVs, vehicles to everyday household items.

The real skill and artistry lies in not just creating these concepts from leather, metal or plastics themselves but the salvaging of vintage inanimate parts to build souls with individual personalities, breathing life into what he calls, The Salvaged Ones.

Private viewings of Todd's work has been met with high praise from Art Collectors and the Design Community.

"I truly loved Todd's sculptures and would not hesitate to own and display any one of them"

"These Sculptures are among the coolest objects that I have seen in a very long time"
Ron Kurczaba, Principal Riddell Kurczaba, Architecture Engineering Interior Design

"Wow, wow, wow … blown away!  Each piece is so uniquely beautiful "  

"An amazingly surreal and sultry collection that leaves you slightly startled yet visually thrilled"
Ken Wentz, ACAD Instructor.

"Totally creative works; and a lot of fun to inspect and try to guess where the bits and pieces that make up these super robots were originally used. A delightful grouping".
David Parker
Business columnist - and jealous collector